2 yrs ago it was just a dream!

The much needed start!

So finally here i am writing my first personal blog which i was only dreaming about to start everyday since 2 years. Like any other girl, i would just lay back and stalk the named bloggers. But i guess it’s my skewness towards my passion(s) that i had to stop thinking and start working.


Well, i was simultaneously following my different passions. I love singing, modelling and travelling. Having started with my blog writing i feel i can now follow them all together. My quench for wanderlust, my camera friendly desires and singing passion for pleasant state of mind, all seems to get well addressed with equal attention to all my hobbies. I am just trying to follow whatever i have always liked and wanted to do in life!


One of my dreams as a child was to do MBA. And so i am doing that too. In a year i will be an MBA grad and would be entering the so dreamt corporate world. Along with this i aim to travel a bit more and reach out the talents.

So moving on from my personal life talks & coming onto my blog, this page will cover the talents both the upcoming and the established ones. I’ll try to make sure that you people meet the budding artists within/across the boundaries.


Every individual has his/her role model as their inspirations. It’s really important to have that at least one role model, it maybe you yourself too, that constantly keeps up your motivation-level to do something extra large in life.

FullSizeRender 2

My blog will therefore cover the aspirations of the rising stars and the success stories of our dream stars.

Placeholder Image

You never know whose aspirations might become your interest or whose stories might end up inspiring you to follow your dreams! So stay tuned!


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