An Artist’s Vision

“You ought to be an artist, if you can make your choice, others choice too!” says our tribal painting artist Mahesh Kumar from Madhya Pradesh,INDIA.  He believes being an artist your art work should be powerful enough to make others like it just like love at first sight! Mr. Mahesh is the proud heir to the traditional Jabal tribal painting “GOND VITTI CHITRA”.


Source: i.ytimg.com

Quick Facts about Gond Paintings:-

  • Gond traditional folk and tribal art form is most predominant in the state of Madhya Pradesh, India:
  • Gond people and their art form date back to some nearly 1400 years ago, Mesolithic period, wherein the artisans practiced their artistic skills with the belief that “Good image begets good luck”:
  • Gond paintings are mostly inspired by nature and tribal livelihood. While a few also depict abstract concepts and myths;


Source: shwetawrites

Mr. Mahesh holds a stock of these beautiful paintings. You’ll find him in various exhibitions conducted by the Government of India. The Government is also making efforts to preserve this art for the future generations.


Currently this artist is looking for exposure to showcase his art form to the entire world.

Coming onto the inspiration part, this artist is a motivation to all those creative art practitioner who paint their heart out. Their paintings know no boundary, no caste, no creed, no status.

“An artist is accepted nothing but only for his/her art!”

Check out my interview with this artist on:


Chat with us in case you’re interested to promote this artist and for further business enquiries! kindly leave in your valuable comments if you wish to see the exclusive work of this artist for further purchase options!

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